Chan Rothana


Height:  5'5" / 165 cm   Weight: 135 lbs/ 61 kg

Age:  32                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good


Chan Rothana is a talented Kun Khmer specialist and a Cambodian native. He has established himself as a deadly striker in the Bantamweight division having earned many of his victories through TKOs.

Eh Eh - Female MMA Fighter


Height:  5'2" / 157 cm   Weight: 110 lbs/ 50 kg

Age:  24                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good


Born in Pwaykalay village in Myawaddy district of Kayin State, Eh Eh frequently had to move during her childhood to avoid conflicts in the region. She was introduced to judo at the age of 14 and was recruited for the SEA Games after three months. Eh Eh practices many forms of martial arts including bando, vovinam, ssireum and lethwei.


Lethwei Record: 5W - 5D - 0L

Myanmar National Lethwei Champion  Female 48-50kg - 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018

Ko Ko Aung


Height:  5'7" / 170 cm   Weight: 134 lbs/ 61 kg

Age:  29                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good


Born in a village called Htein Inn in Magway, Ko Ko Aung specialize in Lethwei and Jiu Jitsu. After moving to Yangon to work, he met fellow fighter Phoe Thaw and now dedicates his time to train all day. Despite having a late start to his fighting career, Ko Ko Aung aims to test his skills arts and become the one of the pioneers of athletes in Myanmar to break into the world of mixed martial arts.

Mike Vetrila


Height:  6'2" / 187 cm   Weight: 176lbs / 80kg

Age:  28                              Team: Fight for Good


 Mike had an early start in the martial arts career at the age of 10 training karate. He then switched over to kickboxing and became the champion of Ukraine. After college, he moved to Phuket to train Muay Thai full time. However, following the Crimea crisis, his

fighting dream came to a halt when he was drafted into the Russian army in 2016. Mike remained resilient and took this opportunity to learn Sambo wrestling in the army and let the

experience build his character. His hard work was recognized as he was selected into the Special Forces, training as a paratrooper. He earned the Champion of Combat award before the completion of his time in the army in 2017. Since then, he has moved back to Phuket to continue his training and hopes to

compete in MMA, a sport he consider the most ‘complete’ form of martial arts.

Kickboxing: Champion of Ukraine

Muay Thai: 32-4-1

Sai Nyan Lin


Height:  5'8" / 173 cm   Weight: 134 lbs/ 61 kg

Age:  25                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good


Born in Loikaw, Kayah, Sai Nyan Lin entered the world of martial arts at a young age practicing karate and was soon recruited by Myanmar Karatedo Federation. Two years after moving to Yangon for his karate training, Sai Nyan Lin was introduced to fellow MMA fighter Phoe Thaw and soon found himself training for MMA full time. 

Karate Black Belt (2nd Dan)

Myanmar -75kg Champion (2015-2017)

2015 SEAKF Open Championship (Bronze)

Shunichi Shimizu


Height:  5'6" / 167 cm   Weight: 135 lbs/ 61 kg

Age:  33                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good


Shunichi Shimizu grew up in Tokyo, Japan and started learning judo at the age of 15, a decision influenced by his father. After 5 years of training, he transitioned to MMA as PRIDE MMA started to gain popularity. Inspired by Hideo Tokoro for his techniques and speed in grappling, Shunichi soon became a submission artist and won most of his wins on the ground and was nicknamed "The Rolling Star". 

He achieved the title BushidoFC World Champion and is currently training Lethwei in Yangon with Team PT to improve his MMA by adapting the fast paced Myanmar traditional martial art.  In his 2018 debut Lethwei match he took World Champion Tun Lwin Moe to a 5 round draw.

He is giving back by teaching the young generation about judo and grappling to improve their MMA skills.  His love for travelling has brought him many places around the world and led him to the team members of Team PT/Fight For Good.

MMA Record: 31W - 11D - 21L

Swan Htet Naing


Height:  5'5" / 165 cm   Weight: 126 lbs/ 57 kg

Age:  20                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good


As the youngest member of Fight For Good, Swan started his lethwei career at the age of 9. He sees the art of nine limbs as a heritage that has been passed down from one generation to the next and is deeply honored to be able to participate in it. Although he came from humble beginnings, Swan has led an impressive lethwei career and earned the mentorship of Phoe Thaw. He hopes to earn a belt fighting mixed martial arts in his weight division.


Lethwei: 30-4-16

2016 Lethwei Championship (Gold)

2019 Boxing Championship (Gold)

Tauk Shar Aung


Height:  5'6" / 168 cm   Weight: 143 lbs/ 65 kg

Age:  23                              Team: Team PT / Fight for Good



Tauk Shar grew up helping his family with work in the farm in Mae Kadan village in western Bago division. His interest in martial arts started from viewing Lethwei matches on the television as a teenager. Through

Lethwei, he met Fight For Good’s Phoe

Thaw, and was soon involved in training Mixed Martial Arts at Team PT. Tauk Shar’s goal is to one day earn a belt of his own.

Lethwei: 11-4-10