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Fight for Good

Fight for Good is Asia's most innovative mixed martial arts sports team and fan connection platform.  

We unleash the champion inside fighters and their fans through their spirit, determination, skill and gentle strength. We do this by investing in athletes from countries with strong martial arts cultures who don't have the resources to compete on a global scale.  Fight for Good provides innovative content for sports related social and video media, fashion merchandising and Sports Technology.

Fight for Good is growing an MMA fight team in a way that ensures the success of our athletes both in the cage and in life in a socially responsible way.  

We are a mission driven start up formed out of the charitable organizations Fight for Cambodia and Fight for Myanmar.

The rise of Asian sports media brands creates opportunities for men and women to express their culture, heritage and power through MMA.  FFG athletes perform at the highest levels of competition.

Our Team - Who We Are

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  • Sponsor a fighter at an event *ONE Championship has a 1Billion potential audience* with branding and media
  • Be a guest instructor in Myanmar or Cambodia
  • Hold fight camp where you can center yourself and train without distractions
  • Clothing sponsors & partners
  • Equipment sponsors & partners
  • Nutrition and Supplements partners
  • Fighter participation in marketing campaigns and public appearances

Our Charity Connection

Fight for Good LLC got its beginnings from Fight for Cambodia and Myanmar

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